Butlers Toyota Workshop

This design and construct project was to build a new workshop for the Toyota Dealership  comprising of service department offices and amenities, workshop, detailing wash bay and car park. 

THS ensured that the water collected from the roof is stored in underground tanks to service the washbay, workshop and amenities. 

The carpark catchment is large and part thereof was designed as a detention basin so the council stormwater system would not be overloaded from excess water runoff. 

Tight water restrictions in the region meant the water reticulation system was designed and installed as to minimise the use of the town water supply. 

Sanitary drainage from the amenities system was a standard connection directly to the council sewer drainage line. 

The entire workshop and washbay is connected and treated by a coalescing plate separator to remove all contaminates before being discharged.  Backflow prevention is also incorporated into the system to eliminate any chance of contamination of the council infrastructure. 

Fire hydrant and fire hose recesses were installed to provide coverage to all areas of the building.

Client FK Gardner & Sons Pty Ltd
Location Telford Street, Toowoomba, Queensland
Investment $250,000
Status Completed July 2009
Awards Master Builders 2010
Downs and Western Regional Winner
Industrial Buildings up to $4M