ITZA Camp at Fairview

The 65,000m2 camp was developed by Santos to cater for the growing number of staff requiring accommodation in the Fairview area.  Facilities include dining area, kitchen, recreation area, office / reception area, laundry, first aid area, gym site office for FKG staff, locker rooms, roads, carparks and cabins.

THS designed and constructed the camps sewerage system, including the installation of a sewerage treatment plant to supply class A water for use on construction sites.

Also designed and constructed the camps water infrastructure incorporating a reverse osmosis plant to treat bore water on site transforming it into potable water for useage in kitchen and across the camp.

Ongoing maintenance works around the camp.

Client FK Gardner and Sons Pty Ltd
Location Outside Injune Towship, Queensland
Project value $1,000,000
Status Completed August 2012